Monday, June 11, 2012

Challenges reveal character of individuals and teams

They say challenges build character. I have often said that challenges reveal character too. When faced with a challenge you find out what you're really made of. When a team faces a challenge, it finds out what it's made of too. 

When obstacles are in front of your workplace, department, or teams, what is the response? Do people rally together quickly and vow to beat the barrier to success? Or do you see more time spent on blaming others for causing the obstacles? Or, are there excuses? Blame and excuses keep people and teams stagnant--with no chance of rising above any challenges.

As a teammate or team leader, you play a part in getting the team to beat the challenge.

A terrific example was on Good Morning America early today. Watch how this team, who works closely every day on live television, handled a major life challenge. What does your team have in common with this one? Would your teammates rally like this?

Not many would.

The teams that reach this level of emotional connection, respect, and trust are All-In. They are the ones that will be most successful. What part do you play as the teammate or team leader?

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