Thursday, July 26, 2012

All-In companies of the week: Colorado Hospitals

Nearly sixty people were injured by the gunman during last week's movie theater shooting, and many will face staggering bills for their medical care. To ease the financial burden of the attack, several hospitals involved are taking measures to reduce or eliminate the victims' costs. For taking the initiative to help the families affected, the All-In companies of the week are Children's Hospital Colorado and HealthONE, the health-care system which includes the Medical Center of Aurora and Swedish Medical Center.

In discussions with friends and colleagues about the health care, we reasonably assumed the victims would have to sue somebody (the theater perhaps?) just to have the money to pay their exorbitant medical bills. We thought they would have scars from the shooting, their injuries, the health care system and the legal system. We're glad to be wrong!

Kudos and thank you to Children's Hospital Colorado and HealthONE for stepping up. The video from CNN gives more details:

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