Sunday, July 29, 2012

An airline does something right--alert the media!

When Alex Sullivan's family in New York learned of his death in Aurora, Colorado last week, they all wanted to be together as soon as possible.

The cost of 25 last-minute tickets from New York to Colorado would have been a hardship for many of Alex's family. When Alex's cousin, Steve Schwab, was making the travel arrangements with United Airlines and told the ticket agent the reason for the flights, the ticket agent offered to help. With the help of donations from their local community and from United Airlines, which provided free round-trip tickets for the whole family, the big family is together this weekend.

Another of Alex's cousins said, "This shows what this country is made of. for all of us to see that's how this country operates is amazing."

I'm sharing the story because it is amazing that an airline stepped up to help. We usually hear stories about airlines losing luggage, trapping customers on planes for ten hours, or having delays that cause us to miss events. A giant in an industry that gets a well-deserved bad rap did a great thing by helping that family this week.

Way to go United Airlines. Way to be All-In!

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