Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The slim margin between victory and defeat

Have you noticed how close the competitors' scores are during the Olympics? First and second place in the Men's 200 Meter Dash were separated by .32 of a second. The fourth place runner missed a medal by .01 in that same race. There are similar examples in other races and sports. The American lady gymnasts won Gold by the biggest margin in more than 50 years: five points. There were headlines about the Russians falling apart, making countless errors, and leaving in tears. Only five points separated the second-place tears of sorrow from the first-place tears of joy.

Life outside of the Olympics can be like that too.

When competitors have the same basic skills, the victory often goes to the one with the better attitude, stronger character, or greater perseverance. Little things we do separate winners from losers. All-In people are aware of the little things that matter. All-In people give the little extra that takes them from ordinary to extraordinary.

Do you know what that means in your current position? If not, find out before your competitors do.

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