Thursday, May 16, 2013

Agility save lives

Portland police officer Mark James was in hot pursuit of a speeding car when he suddenly slammed on his breaks and abolished the chase. Watch what happens.

The chase began when a black car doing 52mph in a 35mph zone sped past Officer Mark James


Most people applauded the officer’s quick reaction and choice to save the goose family’s lives. But, others thought it would have been better to run over the ducks to get the speeding driver instead.

It‘s times like this—when life is happening quickly—that one’s gut takes over. During a hot pursuit of the speeder, the officer’s instincts were to save the geese. His quick decision-making, ability to respond with agility, and prioritization stem from who he is and what he is trained to do.

Today’s competitive marketplace requires companies to be the same way: make decisions, respond with agility, and stay focused on our priorities. The officer saved lives through his decision making, agility, and focus. What will your company do?


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