Monday, April 14, 2014

This blog brought to you by the letter B: Bacon!

Have you noticed the topic in the news more than anything else the last few years has been bacon? It’s everywhere! Bacon Diet Coke, bandages, mouthwash, candy canes. It’s not just for eating, either, it’s for wearing: shoes, watches, dresses!

What could your company do to gain the favor bacon has gained in recent years?

Why does everyone love bacon? Or, if they don’t love it, why is it socially acceptable to ridicule bacon haters?

What does bacon have that you don’t have? (Yet!)

First of all, it smells good even before you taste it. Does your company pass the bacon test? Are you as appealing to customers throughout your processes even before results? Are you easy to work with or is it time-consuming getting contracts signed, scheduling meetings, reading reports?

Second, bacon is available in small doses. You can cook a few strips of bacon then save the rest for later. (Okay, who really does that? But, we could.) Are you as accessible for customers? Can they rely on you for small projects with quick turnaround times in between the bigger projects? Or do they think you are only good at one thing?

Third, bacon makes everything taste better. It makes salads, burgers, eggs, and Scope taste better. Do you have the same impact on your work? Would your customers say working with you is the best part of their day? Are they jumping at the chance to involve you in even more work? Bacon is in everything because people love it. Can you build the same kind of love?

Oh sure, not everyone loves bacon and not everyone will love your company. But bacon focuses on those who do love it. It’s not trying to win anyone over or convince anyone that it’s great. Be like bacon!

How do you think your company could be like bacon?

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