Kelly Tyler Byrnes is the author of two books. Links below take you to Amazon, where both are available in paperback and Kindle versions.

Put Your Whole Self In! Life and Leadership the Hokey Pokey Way

The question on the minds of today s great philosophers is: What if the Hokey Pokey really is what it's all about? With everything going on in the world today, putting your whole self in is, indeed, what it is all about! Whether increased sales are needed, a more innovative approach to team development is required, or a smoother running household is the goal, this little book gives strategies that can help. The book shares the All-In message of high performance through examples, do and don t lists, role models, and 5 All-In strategies.

Secrets of Seasoned Professionals: 
They learned the hard way 
but you don't have to
(Second edition published November 2016)

In today's competitive business environment, career advancement and employment security come from setting high standards and knowing how to achieve them. Seasoned professionals know how. But, they learned the hard way: over time, through experience, and by trial-and-error. They learned through embarrassing mistakes they share in this book so others can avoid the same pitfalls.

This book includes the professional behavior that matters, so you do not need to spend years acquiring it the hard way.

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The All-In Way

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