Kelly Tyler Byrnes has spoken internationally and in every state in America. Her audiences range from engineers to administrators; from volunteers to students; from public works employees to attorneys; from financial advisers to customer service associates and executives.

Your participants, attendees, or coworkers will receive relevant, contemporary content delivered in a practical manner (don't worry, Kelly's not a dull lecturer--she graduated from The Players Workshop Improv in Chicago, just like several SNL alums).

Clients receive customized presentations for no additional fee, books at half-price, pre- and post-surveys if possible, and follow-up sessions if desired. Kelly can do a breakout session or emcee if needed.

Call or email Kelly directly to discuss your event.(312.670.1230 or kelly@theall-inway.com).

Check out Kelly's most recently recorded speaking event: DisruptHR Kansas City October 2018

The All-In Way™: 5 Strategies to High Performance
Kelly Tyler Byrnes captured the All-In philosophy of high performance in the book and keynote called Put Your Whole Self In! All-In performers are focused, determined, loyal to the Mission, hard workers who know preparation and daily high performance are the foundation of success. Strategies for being All-In, companies who are All-In, and how to avoid being Out are shared. When sales people, customer service associates, staff employees, and leaders are going all out, high performance results come in.

People Matter: Leveraging Corporate Culture to Capture Competitive Advantage™
Prosperous companies improve performance by focusing on all five stakeholders. Stakeholder alignment is not a Human Resources responsibility or a superficial initiative in thriving companies. It is crafted purposefully and monitored relentlessly. In successful companies, a culture of stakeholder focus is an important strategic foundation. This session includes examples and strategies leaders will be able to use to boost their company culture, whether their companies have existed for 10 months, 10 years, or 100 years.

Mastering the Art of NOT Multitasking™
When Kelly Tyler Byrnes discovered pharmaceutical companies were working on pills to make human brains work faster, she dove in to the subject of multitasking head-on. She learned that research reveals multitasking slows us down! While the trend is to convince us to multitask more, Kelly’s take is the opposite: slow down and focus. Kelly inspires to worry less about fitting in and more about living All-In. This talk is ideal for high energy groups, new managers, young professionals, and women's groups.